Terms and Conditions for KundK Veranstaltungen,
Thomas Roth (KundK) for the HanseArt

The registration implies that the applicant has read and agreed to the terms and conditions stated below.
Only the terms and conditions contained herein and those contained in the information sheets annexed to this agreement shall govern. Any variation or alteration by the applicant whether in written or verbal form will be considered invalid.

Payment towards the cost of the stand as specified in the invoice received by each applicant shall be made by the participants in one installment within 2 weeks from the date of invoice receipt. Last minute applications must be paid in full immediately. Bank details are as follows:

Account Name: Thomas Roth
IBAN: DE7620050550210461

Insurance and Liability
The applicant is fully responsible for all insurance covering risks during transportation, assembly and disassembling as well as full coverage during the event for damage, theft etc.
The applicant is liable for all damages which he/she might cause during his/her participation also in regards to third parties, as well as any damages to the event’s building including but not limited to the movable and fixed walls as well as all the exhibition’s equipment and technical configurations.
The participant (or by default his/her insurance) shall reimburse on demand to KundK any loss or damages done to any property, personnel or third party caused directly or indirectly by the participant whether or not arising from negligence or lack of caution and care on their part.
The participant will be permitted to bring their own labor/equipment to handle or load the material to be exhibited but all parties must have their own insurance coverage.

In case of cancellation, no refunds will be granted to the applicant.

Should the applicant back out before payment charges were due, KundK shall be paid a handling fee of 30 €.

In case of not receiving enough applications or for other reasons beyond the organizer’s control, KundK reserves the right to cancel the event. The applicants will be informed as soon as possible. If the fee had been paid already, it will be refunded in full.

To apply, use the official application form. The receipt of an invoice implies that the applicant has been officially selected as a participant. IMPORTANT: Please enclose a postage pre-paid envelope with your application. This will ensure that you will get all your documents sent back.

Sharing a Stand
The artist shall not assign or sublet the whole or any part of his/her stand or benefit thereof without the written permission of KundK.  KundK shall not be bound to grant such consent. All insurance, costs and eventual damages related to this third party will be the applicant’s full responsibility, he/she being the person with whom KundK made the original contract.

Stand Position
KundK reserves the right to decide the stand`s position.

Complaints about shortcomings related to the stand or its size must be given to KundK immediately after the stand has been assigned in order to find a prompt solution.
Complaints given after the stand is set up and all through the exhibit will not be considered valid and KundK can not be made responsible to remedy them.
The actual services rendered by KundK as well as other terms, can be found on the form „Exhibition Information“ (obtainable through KundK).

If the participant fails to fulfill and /or observe all or any of the part of the terms and conditions of this contract to the full satisfaction of KundK, the organizer shall have the right to terminate and rescind the contract any time without giving any notice to the participant and such termination shall always be deemed to be without prejudice to the right and remedies of KundK, in respect of the contractor’s default under this contract.

The exclusive jurisdiction and place of performance for any disputes arising from this agreement is Hamburg, Germany.